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Swoop API Overview

Swoop Mission

Swoop's mission is to help our clients deliver exceptional roadside assistance with software-driven solutions. We aim to provide stranded drivers with ease and transparency during otherwise frustrating and unexpected roadside incidents. With our APIs and accompanying software, we help turn roadside events into marketing events.

Roadside Assistance Overview

Before reviewing the documentation, it's helpful to understand the basic flow of a roadside assistance job. There are a few key roles involved as context:

  • Customer = Person on the side of the road that needs assistance
  • Swoop Dispatcher = Agent who will assist in coordination of the service event as needed
  • Service Provider Dispatcher = Responsible for accepting the job from Swoop and assigning a driver
  • Driver = Tow truck operator who will perform service on the customer’s vehicle

API Overview

The core capabilities of this API include:

  • Create a job to request roadside assistance
  • Edit information on the job, such as location or cancel the request
  • Query for updates on the job, such as the ETA

You also have access to our web real-time dashboards and reporting tools. These dashboards provide a live view on every ongoing job, a map to view hotspots around the country, real-time NPS and customer satisfaction tracking, and more. Contact Swoop to learn more about the management platform for your roadside program.

As you explore the API documentation here, please reach out with any questions to [email protected]

Implementation Guide

In the planning phases of utilizing the API, you can reference our implementation guide to understand the flow of a roadside assistance job in the context of our API as well as to view accompanying sample screenshots.

Swoop API Overview

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